Meet your new 24×7 receptionist! 

Automated Answering is the easy solution for businesses whose staff who are working from home.

We answer your customers questions automatically.

We help your customers use your existing online system.

We take messages and send them straight to you.

Get your phone calls answered professionally and effectively now!


We Answer Instantly

We answer the phone in the same way you do, answer questions specific to your business and a take messages using menus, no waiting, no fuss!

We Answer Any TIme You Want

We can supply you with your own local phone number and an easy “single click” switch between answering and your mobile.

We Answer with Bookings

Using your existing website we can assist customers to make bookings from their phone.


Automated Answering allocates you a special phone number in your area to redirect to. Our plan delivers exceptional value at a predictable cost.


Note: $100 initial setup fee for telephone setup and integration
*Excess Calls $0.99 each

What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re only new, so we’re asking you try us out and give us some more honest testimonials. 

I am very thankful PRS is answering my business calls for me. The service adds a professional touch to my own and the transparency and support allow me to trust the company on a next level.

Keep Moving Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you answer questions about my business?

Before we start taking calls we work with the list of frequently asked questions and answers on your website. We will direct people to this page for viewing on their phone. We will help you format this to be as effective as possible for callers.

What if I already have a receptionist?

You can answer the phone whenever you want! We can work with your existing reception team to lessen the calls that need to be answered when they are busy.

Do you charge extra for long calls?

Currently we charge a flat rate per call amount to make the cost to you simple and predictable. Either the call will be included for free in your monthly plan or the call will be charged separately if you exceed your call limit.

Do you take messages?

Yes we do. If you don’t want your receptionists to answer calls just switch on to voicemail and we’ll send your messages to you.

Do you make bookings for my customers?

We can assist your customers to make online bookings. They can opt for a text message with instructions and a link to making a booking on your website.

Do I need a new phone number?

No your customers can keep using the number they’re familiar with. We will provide you with a phone number to redirect your calls to. 

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.